Sperm Donation – What are the Pros and Cons?

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In this article we will talk about sperm donation. This direction is handled by specialized banks, which have quite a lot of customers who want to leave their genetic material for future procreation. What advantages, disadvantages and features can be distinguished on this issue?

Pros and Cons in Sperm Donation

Sperm DonationFrom the point of view of the physiology in the sphere of sperm donation there are more advantages than disadvantages. For example, you pass your genetic material, and in the future it can be used at least by 10 women. Can you imagine what a big chance your race will exist a few more generations in the future?

There are two drawbacks, characterized by psychological and material aspect. Unless you are a millionaire, you will not be able to provide all of these ten children at once, but a woman alone it will take more time and energy. Therefore, each child`s chance to survive is greatly reduced. However, this does not mean that the parents are insolvent, or is it at all the lonely woman. It is quite likely option, when wealthy spouses cannot have children of their own.

Cons and Genetic Influences

A psychological disadvantage suggests that man cannot live with just ten women at the same time, and for children it will be a big problem. Every child dreams to be raised of his own parents, instead of someone else’s. But for those couples who cannot have children for physiological reasons – you, as a sperm donor, will be a deliverer from sad fate. Therefore, the choice in the donation always remains up to you and depends on your desires, needs and opportunities.

There are also two elements of genes influence on your future generation. Firstly, this is physiological aspect, which involves genetic procreation via sex; and secondly, the spiritual and intellectual aspects. That means if you are bringing up your own children, not only your physical component, but intelligent and emotional is transmitted in the future.

Other words, you put in your child your outlook, stereotypes and traditions. For the second option, as you understand, you need to bring it yourself.

The physiological side continuation of a sort through sperm donation is more important, because it is more stable. Psychology can also easily be deleted, for example, the harmful influence of society and its ideology, as well as hitting the unfortunate group of friends, colleagues or acquaintances.

Examination of Donors

Sperm donation is possible for men who have a doctor’s positive conclusion on the results of a comprehensive survey, including several positions:

  • determining the Rh factor and blood groups;
  • therapeutic and urological examination;
  • a blood test for syphilis, HIV, hepatitis B and C;
  • genetic testing;
  • swabs for STDs;
  • clinical blood test;
  • blood chemistry;
  • general urinalysis;
  • FLG.

Sperm obtained from donors, helps couples with diagnosed absolute infertility among one of the person to become parents of a healthy child within IUI or IVF programs.

In the clinic, for replenishing the sperm bank is produced a differentiated selection of donors, in full compliance with the applicable legal standards. In order to guarantee birth of a healthy child, in the number of sperm donors, men are included without phenotypic features in physique and appearance at the age of 18-35 years.

Thus, many couples can legally become parents, expecting positive conception of process. If for any reason the conception does not happen, is provided other material of the donor, gone full scan quality. After conception, the couple should visit a doctor who will identify the negative aspects of pregnancy, if they are.