Is There a Topical Gel for Treating Erectile Dysfunction?

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Traditional ED medications and reconsidering of lifestyle are usually enough for men to get rid of impotence and enjoy having proper sex. Excluding psychological reasons, having control under weight, forgetting about smoking, and starting exercises can be efficient. But still when a man faces this problem he should turn to a doctor and discuss his health condition. The patient is highly recommended to tell everything about other deviations and diseases he has and which could cause ED. If there are such reasons, it is the right thing to do is to start treating them first of all. At the same time a man can take oral medications helping with ED. Among them there are Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. All of them using different acting components act on the nitric oxide improving blood flow to the penis. You can buy cialis black, administer it with a plenty of water and enjoy the perfect result. But if there are some difficulties with this medication, try different methods.

Besides, injections and suppositories can be applied. It is understood that injection can lead to bleeding and bruising. It hurts and requires some efforts. Sometimes surgical procedures are prescribed. In addition to all above mentioned methods of ED treatment there is topical treatment, which we are going to discuss in detail.

Topical Treatments

Though oral drugs work well enough, not every man can afford it due to health conditions and other reasons. For example a man may refuse administering ED tabs as far as he already takes some medications with nitrates or he suffers from heart disease or diabetes. While topical medications are available for a wide range of patients. There are several topical treatments:

  • AndroGel is intended for men who has low levels of the hormone testosterone and as a result he cannot have an erection. In this case he should restore his testosterone level and this is possible by delivery of hormone by not invasive, topical application of AndroGel. This remedy is characterized by such side effects as acne, headache and a kind of emotional instability.
  • Another topical ED treatment is Alprostadil effective for most patients regardless the reason for impotence. It acts like a vasodilator expanding blood vessels and thus increasing blood flow following to the penis. Alprostadil is safe because it is identical to a natural compound. As to the side effects – there are no of them. The medication has been considered as invasive treatment that it why it is not comfortable. So taking into account the high efficiency of remedy, its topical form has been developed. It hasn’t been yet approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, but human testing was successful and the method shows minimal side effects, which do not last for a long time and can be tolerated easily.
  • There is also idea to deliver traditional ED remedies like Viagra topically. This can be regarded as future treatment. Just imagine! The fast and efficient red viagra can be applied topically. It is the way out for those men who cannot take the oral medications because it is unsafe for them or leads to side effects.

The topical delivery system is very attractive and has all chances to be provided for human use. More about the options for treating ED you can read here You can find out the interesting information of innovative creams and gels, new medications and so on.