I have syphilis! What to do?

Published on Author Donny Fitzgerald

 If you put “Syphilis” in form of medical card, you shouldn`t panic. Diagnosis itself sounds daunting, but in reality it’s just disease that can be cured, not life sentence. Diagnosis has already been made, and this is important. Now it remains to confide in doctors and competently carry out treatment together.

The most important thing in treatment of syphilis is to strictly follow all recommendations of doctor, don`t despair and remember three things: Syphilis is disease that can be cured today. Syphilis can be cured anonymously. After successful treatment, person can safely return to work and usual life.

Who gets syphilis most often?

Syphilis can infect anyone who has sex. If in past centuries this disease was more often found in persons engaged in prostitution and their clients, now syphilis has “gone” beyond this circle and has spread widely among population, and equally among both men and women. In circles of venereologists, old medical wisdom is widespread: “Just like anyone who swims in river can get pneumonia, so anyone who lives sexually can get sick with syphilis”.

If you aren`t sure of your sexual partner, you should always be careful. Remember, from side it`s impossible to understand whether person is sick with syphilis or not.

Why is it so important to cooperate with doctors as much as possible?

Syphilis treatment is made by doctor, because it`s dangerous disease. If left unattended and without treatment, it can lead to serious consequences – even disability and even death. Proper treatment, control of its effectiveness and return patient’s health is main task of doctor. But if patient himself isn`t serious about his illness and its treatment, then recovery simply wouldn`t work.

It`s very difficult to treat syphilis: it is important for doctor to choose right course and dose of medication, and for patient to strictly observe conditions of their admission. It depends on whether a person will be able to get rid of syphilis bacteria completely, or they will “retard” in order to hit body again. To avoid mistakes in treatment, you need to be as frank as possible with your doctor.

It is important for him to know from patient how long he could get infected, how many sexual partners and sexual relations he had (including oral ones), which were before, and which were after contact (from month to several years). All this is necessary in order to choose right course of antibiotics and calculate right dose of medication.

How long does syphilis last? Do I have to go to hospital?

How many days syphilis is treated is first question faced by patients who have learned about their diagnosis. It`s important to understand that treatment of syphilis is very laborious process. It depends on stage of disease at which treatment began. Also important role is played by individual situation of each patient – state of his body during treatment period, living conditions, conscientious implementation of all recommendations of doctor and so on.

In most cases, syphilis is treated on outpatient basis, i.e. at home. Hospitalization is carried out in rare cases and is mandatory only: if pregnant woman is ill with syphilis, if child is ill with syphilis.

What is impossible in treatment of syphilis (usually late) is observed, patient’s condition is severe:

  • Symptoms of neurosyphilis.
  • Visceral syphilis, syphilis of the bones, etc.

What shouldn`t be done in treatment of syphilis?

While treatment is being carried out, any alcohol intake is prohibited, as this may reduce effectiveness of therapy. Also during treatment, any sexual contact is strictly prohibited, even with condom, because any risk of reinfection (reinfection) will make treatment harder and longer. And also because patient himself remains infectious during treatment.

In addition, while syphilis isn`t cured, no operations can be performed. If operation isn`t emergency (that is, it doesn`t depend on person’s life at the moment), but is planned, then it`s postponed until complete cure of syphilis.