Is There a Topical Gel for Treating Erectile Dysfunction?

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Traditional ED medications and reconsidering of lifestyle are usually enough for men to get rid of impotence and enjoy having proper sex. Excluding psychological reasons, having control under weight, forgetting about smoking, and starting exercises can be efficient. But still when a man faces this problem he should turn to a doctor and discuss his health condition. The patient is highly recommended to tell everything about other deviations and diseases he has and which could cause ED. If there are such reasons, it is the right thing to do is to start treating them first of all. At the same time a man can take oral medications helping with ED. Among them there are Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. All of them using different acting components act on the nitric oxide improving blood flow to the penis. You can buy cialis black, administer it with a plenty of water and enjoy the perfect result. But if there are some difficulties with this medication, try different methods.

Besides, injections and suppositories can be applied. It is understood that injection can lead to bleeding and bruising. It hurts and requires some efforts. Sometimes surgical procedures are prescribed. In addition to all above mentioned methods of ED treatment there is topical treatment, which we are going to discuss in detail.

Topical Treatments

Though oral drugs work well enough, not every man can afford it due to health conditions and other reasons. For example a man may refuse administering ED tabs as far as he already takes some medications with nitrates or he suffers from heart disease or diabetes. While topical medications are available for a wide range of patients. There are several topical treatments:

  • AndroGel is intended for men who has low levels of the hormone testosterone and as a result he cannot have an erection. In this case he should restore his testosterone level and this is possible by delivery of hormone by not invasive, topical application of AndroGel. This remedy is characterized by such side effects as acne, headache and a kind of emotional instability.
  • Another topical ED treatment is Alprostadil effective for most patients regardless the reason for impotence. It acts like a vasodilator expanding blood vessels and thus increasing blood flow following to the penis. Alprostadil is safe because it is identical to a natural compound. As to the side effects – there are no of them. The medication has been considered as invasive treatment that it why it is not comfortable. So taking into account the high efficiency of remedy, its topical form has been developed. It hasn’t been yet approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, but human testing was successful and the method shows minimal side effects, which do not last for a long time and can be tolerated easily.
  • There is also idea to deliver traditional ED remedies like Viagra topically. This can be regarded as future treatment. Just imagine! The fast and efficient red viagra can be applied topically. It is the way out for those men who cannot take the oral medications because it is unsafe for them or leads to side effects.

The topical delivery system is very attractive and has all chances to be provided for human use. More about the options for treating ED you can read here You can find out the interesting information of innovative creams and gels, new medications and so on.

Sperm Donation – What are the Pros and Cons?

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In this article we will talk about sperm donation. This direction is handled by specialized banks, which have quite a lot of customers who want to leave their genetic material for future procreation. What advantages, disadvantages and features can be distinguished on this issue?

Pros and Cons in Sperm Donation

Sperm DonationFrom the point of view of the physiology in the sphere of sperm donation there are more advantages than disadvantages. For example, you pass your genetic material, and in the future it can be used at least by 10 women. Can you imagine what a big chance your race will exist a few more generations in the future?

There are two drawbacks, characterized by psychological and material aspect. Unless you are a millionaire, you will not be able to provide all of these ten children at once, but a woman alone it will take more time and energy. Therefore, each child`s chance to survive is greatly reduced. However, this does not mean that the parents are insolvent, or is it at all the lonely woman. It is quite likely option, when wealthy spouses cannot have children of their own.

Cons and Genetic Influences

A psychological disadvantage suggests that man cannot live with just ten women at the same time, and for children it will be a big problem. Every child dreams to be raised of his own parents, instead of someone else’s. But for those couples who cannot have children for physiological reasons – you, as a sperm donor, will be a deliverer from sad fate. Therefore, the choice in the donation always remains up to you and depends on your desires, needs and opportunities.

There are also two elements of genes influence on your future generation. Firstly, this is physiological aspect, which involves genetic procreation via sex; and secondly, the spiritual and intellectual aspects. That means if you are bringing up your own children, not only your physical component, but intelligent and emotional is transmitted in the future.

Other words, you put in your child your outlook, stereotypes and traditions. For the second option, as you understand, you need to bring it yourself.

The physiological side continuation of a sort through sperm donation is more important, because it is more stable. Psychology can also easily be deleted, for example, the harmful influence of society and its ideology, as well as hitting the unfortunate group of friends, colleagues or acquaintances.

Examination of Donors

Sperm donation is possible for men who have a doctor’s positive conclusion on the results of a comprehensive survey, including several positions:

  • determining the Rh factor and blood groups;
  • therapeutic and urological examination;
  • a blood test for syphilis, HIV, hepatitis B and C;
  • genetic testing;
  • swabs for STDs;
  • clinical blood test;
  • blood chemistry;
  • general urinalysis;
  • FLG.

Sperm obtained from donors, helps couples with diagnosed absolute infertility among one of the person to become parents of a healthy child within IUI or IVF programs.

In the clinic, for replenishing the sperm bank is produced a differentiated selection of donors, in full compliance with the applicable legal standards. In order to guarantee birth of a healthy child, in the number of sperm donors, men are included without phenotypic features in physique and appearance at the age of 18-35 years.

Thus, many couples can legally become parents, expecting positive conception of process. If for any reason the conception does not happen, is provided other material of the donor, gone full scan quality. After conception, the couple should visit a doctor who will identify the negative aspects of pregnancy, if they are.

Be aware of syphilis! The more you know, the better

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General info about syphilis

General info about syphilisSuch infection as syphilis is defined as a sexually transmitted one. The bacteria denominated Treponema pallidum normally becomes the cause of its occurrence. In 2013 there were approximately 56400 cases in the USA (the data was represented by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Moreover, Mayo clinic reports that the number of women having this infection gradually starts to go down, but it is the opposite way for men: the number of males with a disease grows all the time, especially speaking of homosexuals.

The first evidence of syphilis is linked to the occurrence of a small sore which doesn’t involve any pain syndrome. It has a tendency to appear on the reproductive organ, colon or in the mouth. The sore has a modification of ulcer. Moreover, it’s hard to recognize it as soon as it appears.

In general, syphilis isn’t easy to reveal. The infection may hide inside your body and go absolutely unnoticeable for a continuous period of time. But it’s understandable that the sooner you find out about having a disease, the more successful the treatment will be and the sooner you will return to the normal condition. Syphilis, that hasn’t been revealed for a long time has a tendency to bring damage to important life organs, for instance brain and heart.

The only way to transmit syphilis is through the contact with syphilitic ulcers. Sharing a lavatory with somebody, using the same dishware and sharing clothes are the risk factors of getting syphilis.

Syphilis: the disease developing process

There are four main stages in the process of developing syphilis. They are represented by primary, secondary, dormant and tertiary stages. The first two ones are the most threatening ones and it’s easy to infect people around you when undergoing them.

When syphilis is represented by the latent stage, the infection is active, but you may not notice any symptoms to occur and you aren’t able to infect anyone. The most ruinous stage to your body is experiencing tertiary syphilis.

Primary syphilis (the stage number one)

You’ll experience this stage in approximately three and a half weeks after having been infected by the bacteria which causes the disease. The first sign of the stage is the occurrence of the little ulcer. It’s very contagious but the patient doesn’t feel any pain syndrome. The sore has a tendency to appear on any body part, but the most common parts to be exposed to the sore are the rectum, reproductive organs and mouth mucous membrane.

In general the sore emerges in about three weeks after being infected. Anyhow, it isn’t always the same and it may take some time between just ten days and ninety days for the sore to pop up. It stays on the patient’s body for about three to six weeks or so.

Another person can get syphilis in case of the close contact with sore. The most commonly appeared case of transmitting the disease is the sexual intercourse, which includes oral sex too.

Secondary syphilis (stage number two)

When facing this stage of the infectious disease, you’ll notice the eruption over your skin and have a sore throat. The eruption doesn’t cause scratching, and is spread over the hands and soles, but still it may choose any part of the body to emerge on. Some people may even ignore the rash and miss its occurrence until it completely disappears.

Anyhow, there are some different symptoms of the second stage, which are represented by:

  • Constant headaches;
  • Swelling of the lymph nodes;
  • Extreme level of tiredness;
  • Flu;
  • Immense weight loss and loss of hair;
  • Frequent aches in the joints.

It’s useful to know that these symptoms will disappear irrespectively from getting the therapy. But if you don’t get that treatment needed you will still have the infection inside your body.

This stage is frequently confused with some other medical conditions.

Latent (hidden) syphilis (stage number three)

The first stage of the disease is called hidden or latent. There are no evident signs during this stage and the initial and secondary symptoms vanish by the beginning of the stage too. But unfortunately you stay infected during the stage. Nevertheless, the secondary signs may appear anew or you will stay in the stage for quite a long time before you will shift to the tertiary stage.

Tertiary syphilis (the concluding stage)

It is the last stage of developing the disease. The approximate number of patients represented by twenty percent of the ones not receiving any treatment move into this stage. This stage may take place only after some years (sometimes the number exceeds 10 years) after being infected. Tertiary syphilis can cost you life. The consequences except death may be the following ones:

  • Becoming blind and deaf;
  • Loss of memory and various mental disorders;
  • Soft tissues and bones disintegration;
  • Neurological issues, for instance meningitis and heart attacks;
  • Problems with heart;
  • Infection spreading to the brain and spine.

The ways, most frequently used to diagnose syphilis

If you guess that may experience syphilis, consult your doctor immediately. The doctor will have you checked up generally and will have your blood and urine tested. If there’s already a sore on your body the doctor will take it’s tissue in order to approve or disapprove the presence of bacteria.

If there’s a suspicion that you experience the tertiary stage of the disease the doctor will have to do a lumbar puncture in order to make sure what going on. During the arrangement the doctor has to collect the spinal fluid and test it for bacteria presence.

When the case is the pregnancy, the doctor will screen the patient because there may be bacteria present in the body. This is done to prevent the contagion of the embryo with inborn syphilis, because such disease can be very threatening to the newborn baby and may even lead to an early death.